Deena Nicole Cortese, Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Tension between Jersey Shore roomies? Never!

Reality TV stars Deena Cortese and Sammi Giancola seem to be on not-the-best-of-terms lately after sparking a Twitter feud today over—no, it had nothing to do with Ronnie—a car.

Yeah, we're serious.

Deena's new whip aka her new, souped-up BMW didn't sit well with Sammi "Sweetheart," who also drives a beemer and thought her costar was copying her style.

"Imitation is flattery," Giancola tweeted, and then continued with a photo, "My princess"

But of course, it didn't stop there. "congrats to @DeenaNicoleMTV for her new car that looks EXACTLY like mine. #cantyougetyourownstyle it's alright imitation is flattery," she wrote.

And when fans started to get involved, she reassured them, "It's all in good fun people relax alil," but was it?

Deena sure didn't think so.

"lol some people are rediculous," she wrote, "when people are unhappy for other people or pick others apart..that just means they are unhappy with themselves."

Cortese continued to call out Sammi by saying, "lol @mtvsammi WOW. lol pretty pretty sure theres 11231 ppl out there with white bmws..does yours have a stripe? red interior? the m package?? OH WAIT! and yours is a 5 series! and mines the new 3 series.. honestly you ranting over twitter bc of a car is pathetic..if you were a real friend youd say my other 2 girls with u go side by side.. they arent exactly the same sam.. you being this immature is sad.. grow up! its a car SWE"

That should do it, right? Wrong.

"Lmao bitch u so wack," she tweeted. "my interior.. Sam take a pictures of sure its EXACTLY the same.. your sad giiiirl texts were not in good fun @MTVsammi n you didnt have to bring the drama to twitter.. #WHOCARES."

Wonder if this is a foreshadowing of what we have in store for season six of Jersey Shore?

(We kinda hope it that wrong?)

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