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Warning: Do not read the following article if you have yet to watch tonight's Teen Wolf. Seriously, if you choose to read on and then complain about spoilers in the comments, you are the pizza burn on the roof of the TV world's mouth.

And Teen Wolf's wolf count just keeps on growing.

Tonight's episode of the MTV hit series, which was just renewed for a 24-episode third season (wheeee!), ended with one of its most shocking cliffhangers yet: one of the characters unwillingly receiving the werewolf bite. Yes, Jeff Davis has officially been added to our awesome list of evil genius showrunners. (Make some room, Shonda Rhimes and Julie Plec!)

Prepare to be jealous, 'cause we actually got to see the episode way back on Friday at the show's panel at Comic-Con. Oh wait, you're about to become even more jealous: we chatted with the cast after about the big twist and what it means for the rest of the characters...

The hunter could become the hunted!

Yes, Teen Wolf went there in tonight's episode, having Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) give the bite to one of the Argents: Allison's (Crystal Reed) mother, Victoria (Eaddy Mays)! Hey, she was trying to kill Scott (Tyler Posey)!

"The fight between Derek and the hunters is definitely worse after that. I don't think he helped his cause in any way," Tyler Hoechlin tells us. "Since season one, I always felt like there's this kind of mutual respect between Derek and Argent (JR Bourne). I think Derek sees him as a hunter who follows the code and is honorable and doesn't go against the rules. I think Argent has always seen Derek as a threat, but not a malicious threat in the way that the Alpha was in the first season, killing people unnecessarily. So I feel like maybe that respect may not be there so much anymore after this, which'll be an interesting development. It's never a good thing. I think it will be interesting to see how the Argents handle the situation we've kind of been hinting towards since the beginning."

While Derek started off the season confident (some would say cocky) and in control, things have quickly turned on him and Hoechlin hints that we will see Derek struggle and reach out for help.

"He does kind of quickly now realize that he was not prepared fully and he's not prepared to be the Alpha he thought he was," Hoechlin teases. "You're definitely going to see him have to dig himself out a hole and he's going to have to turn to some people you really don't expect for some help because he's going to be in over his head."

As for Allison, who has been torn between Scott and her duty to her family this season, Derek's decision only makes her's a bit easier...for now.

"She seeks vengeance in a really physical way, but it's completely justified. She sort of even more teams up with her grandfather, who she trusts…she seeks vengeance," Reed explains of Allison's mindset after learning about what happened to her mother. "Scott doesn't recognize her anymore and she does a complete 360. At the end of this season, she 's got to pull it all back in and re-find herself and ultimately decide if it's Scott or her family; what side she's going to be on. It's all about trust."

Prior to Victoria trying to kill Scott, he and Allison had decided to see other people in attempt to get her disapproving parents off their backs, but for Allison, her goodbye kiss seemed to hold a little more weight, hinting she was saying a forever-kind-of-goodbye to their relationship.

"It's hard and it's a very mature decision because they love each other and they can't be with each other. I think it's a mature and adult decision to make," Tyler Posey says. "They are always going to be in love and going to be put next to each other all the time because of their situations, so they'll either have to overcome their feelings for each other and realize what's more important at this moment or just start making out, which is cool both ways!"

What did you think of tonight's episode of Teen Wolf? Were you shocked to learn that Victoria had been bitten? Sound off in the comments!

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