Front Door, Justin Bieber

AP Photo/Victoria Will

So True So False, STSF

Somebody get us a hose…because Justin Bieber is on fire!

And no, we don't mean igniting the Twittersphere (even though he did just reach 25 million followers). Instead, a line of Justin Bieber nightshirts has been pulled from the shelves by British retailer Argos due to "safety concerns" and issues with "flammability requirements."

Wait, does that mean what we think: Could you really combust from wearing Biebs-based couture?

The Bieber fever temperature is rising because this rumor is…

Justin Bieber Tshirts


So true! At least in certain circumstances.

"The products do not comply with the flammability requirements for nightdresses and could pose a risk if your child is exposed to an open fire or flame," reads a statement from the company.

The statement also notes that children should never be "exposed to an open fire or flame," but insists that Beliebers find another nightshirt to sleep-in:

"Please could you STOP USING the products immediately and return them to store for a refund."

Don't be too sad, we're sure they have something Selena Gomez-inspired in your size.

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