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When Willow Smith gets dressed, she gets dressed!

Stop-sign-hued shirts, shaved hairstyles (or neon yellow), polka dots, animal prints—whatever she can get her little hands on.

Which is why we had to look twice to make sure this photo actually was of the 11-year-old and her A-lister dad, Will Smith.

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And yep, that is indeed the "I Am Me" singer cuddling up with her daddy in a cozy gray hoodie as the pair flies along on the actor's private jet to parts unknown.

With Will wearing his own comfy white tee, we're getting sleepy and ready for nap time just looking at this photo.

If you're wondering who snapped the shot, that would be Jada Pinkett Smith, natch, who tweeted it along with the caption, "Being a fatherless daughter, these are the moments I cherish. Love. J."

We cherish those moments too, and some seriously soft loungewear.

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