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Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), welcome to the concrete jungle of New York City! Your dorm-warming gift? Kate Hudson!

Glee is set to introduce the A-lister this season as Rachel's dance instructor at NYADA, and Lea tells us she's "excited and nervous" to be working with her—but will Rachel feel the same way about Kate's "negative reinforcement" practicing teacher?

We chatted with Lea at Comic-Con to weasel all the season four scoop out of her, including what the future holds for Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith) and who Rachel's NYC roommate might be...

Before we get to all things Kate Hudson, let's tackle one of the finale's biggest questions: why'd the writers decide to break up Finn and Rachel? The answer is simple: it makes for good television, people!

"I definitely think they saw u s together a lot, so I think they want to sort of see what it's like for them to sort of be apart for a little while now," Lea explains. "I think that's the dynamic, that's the dance where they pull them apart and being them back together. I love working with Cory so I'm sad we won't get to work together too much, but they'll always be involved with one another whether or not they are dating."

Of the couple's season four interactions, Lea would only tease that Finn and Rachel will be in contact "at some point."

While New York City tends to be a place where most people go only to have their dreams crushed, most people aren't Rachel Berry.

"I think Rachel Berry works best when she's against all odds, like when she has to sort of has to fight her way through something and when everything's against her is when she really rises to the top," Lea says. "So I think that starting the season, she is going to be alone. She's in a new environment, but I think that's going to get her to a really great place."

Fret not, Gleeks! Ms. Berry probably won't be starring in a one-woman show for long as Lea says, "I definitely think that she's not going to be alone that long and will be surrounded by some familiar faces very soon."

One familiar face Lea is asking to see Rachel spend more time with? Santana (Naya Rivera)! "Naya and I have really been campaigning for a really long time for Rachel and Santana to live together in New York, so maybe that will happen!"

While Santana is a potential roomie, Kate Hudson's dance instructor will be equal parts mentor and rival for Rachel. "I've heard that [Rachel] has a challenging dynamic with Kate Hudson, so we'll see about that!" Lea teases.

Would you like to see Rachel and Finn back together? How about Rachel and Santana as roomies? Sound off in the comments!

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