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Glee fans, you have spoken. And for an outspoken fan base, you really stepped up your game for our Fantasy Showrunner series.

We got countless emails, tweets and comments about how Glee fans would change the show, and we went through them all to find the top three storylines, complaints, changes, etc., for season four. The first two didn't shock us, but the third most popular request took us by surprise. Who knew this couple had such a passionate following? Well, we know now.

More Finn and Rachel: "I truly enjoy watching their relationship unfold on the TV screen and do not feel like they have marginalized any other couple or storyline on Glee. Watching the actors Cory Monteith and Lea Michele in the roles of Finn and Rachel on Glee is entertaining, heart warming, and a true pleasure. The ending scene between Finn and Rachel for the Season three finale "Goodbye" was one of the most superbly acted and heart-wrenching scenes I have ever watched on a TV show.  It took many weeks before I could listen to the song "Roots before Branches" without crying."—Amy

Less Finchel, More Brittana and Klaine: "I don't want Kurt or Kurt and Blaine to become the center of the show. I just want their romantic relationship (as well as all LGBT romantic relationships on the show) to be treated (and portrayed) the same as the heterosexual couples. Tolerance (I hesitate to even use that word, because it makes it sound like there is something about that that needs to be tolerated), and understanding needs to be nurtured in our society—and Glee has such a wide reach and impact."—Leanne

Sam & Quinn Back Together: "I would make Sam pursue Quinn again because I know he deep in his heart is still in love with her. Fabrevans were never given any closure scenes at all and this makes it still possible for them to find their way back to each other. Whether Ryan and company admit it or not, Gleeks miss Quinn and Sam together. The general audience loved them. So I'd put Sam and Quinn back together, give them a few hurdles along the way but in the end, they'll survive through it all and be a stronger, more in love and happier couple because of everything."—Celeste

What do you think about the most talked-about Glee changes? Agree? Disagree? Head on down to the comments to talk it out, but for the love of all that is Groff, play nice!

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