Madonna Just as Hot, Attention-Seeking as Ever in "Turn Up The Radio" Music Video

If Madge knows how to do one thing it's a good cry for attention, and her new music video is nothing less than successful at that.

By Leslie Gornstein Jul 16, 2012 6:20 PMTags

Let's set the scene: Madonna walks out of a hotel wearing a bra top three sizes too small, galaxy-class cleavage, Balmain hot pants, sky-high stilettos and hair that makes her look like a camera-ready Lady Gaga.

People start taking photos of Madge's clearly understated getup, which upsets her, so the 53-year-old gets in a car, puts the top down and invites the entire world to get in.

It's the classic love-me-pity-me game that celebrities have been playing since Marilyn Monroe, and the original pop princess manipulates it to full effect in her latest video, "Turn Up The Radio."

Specifically, Madge fills up her car with every male model she can find (except for, you know, Casper Smart, who's already spoken for) and a couple of Italian women dressed as trollops from a Fellini movie.

The setup is laughable, but Madonna's outfit is, as ever, pretty hot. We'll take the shorts in black, and that guy dressed in a chauffeur outfit. To go.