Did Suri Cruise's Puppy-Dog Eyes Net Her a Pet From Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise's youngest child gets her pout on in a New York City pet store—did it work?

By Gina Serpe Jul 16, 2012 3:33 PMTags
Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise James Devaney/WireImage

We're not sure how much that doggy in the window was, but for one reason or another, Suri Cruise was denied the addition of a four-legged friend while hitting up a New York City pet store with mama Katie Holmes over the weekend.

And, rather unsurprisingly if oh-so-fittingly, proceeded to direct her best pouty puppy-dog eyes at Tom Cruise's estranged missus. Aw!

Of course, the image probably wasn't so cute to Katie, as the Catholic school-bound 6-year-old quickly ramped up her doe-eyed game from endearing pout to full-on strop, while paparazzi caught the tears flowing as the mother-daughter duo made their way out of the pet store empty-handed.

While at Manhattan's Citipup on Saturday, the pooch that seemed to most catch Suri's eye was a black and white Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix. Can't say we blame her—that four-legged friend is almost as adorable as Katie's Mini-Me herself.

Still, chalk it up to a life lesson learned: Not all puppy love is requited. Hey, maybe she'll have better luck with dad? A source tells E! Online that Cruise is expected to reconnect with Suri imminently, having finally wrapped production on his California-shooting sci-fi flick Oblivion.