Godzilla Poster


Look what just lurched out of the Pacific Rim!

The audience gathered for scoop on Guillermo Del Toro's much-hyped monsters-vs.-robots flick were treated upon its conclusion to a teaser for the very-much-in-production Godzilla reboot, directed by Gareth Edwards.

Seriously, this one was so hush-hush, it's labeled (right this second, anyway) as still "in development" on IMDb.

There wasn't much to see yet besides signs of yet another apocalypse (there have been so many at Comic-Con this week), mainly footage of an urban landscape torn asunder by the creature—and then a brief glimpse of monster emerging from smoky ruins!

The Godzilla character originated in the 1954 Japanese movie of the same name. Cue the too-many-sequels-to-count, each more ridiculous (though, at times, quite entertaining) than the last, and the much-panned 1998 remake starring Matthew Broderick.

But Edwards is giving it another intense go and, from what we've seen, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

This time, Edwards says, there's nothing cheesy about the much-parodied creature.

"There's nothing sci-fi, it's very grounded and realistic," he promised.

And, he added, "I've never worked this long and this hard on something that lasted just a few seconds since, since I lost my virginity." (Gotta love this guy!)

As for del Toro, his thunder wasn't entirely stolen. He had nothing but his words to describe Pacific Rim last year, but this year he brought impressive footage and the relentlessly attractive Charlie Hunnam to illustrate his vision.

Del Toro had promised "no f--king motion capture," and there was none. The robots (called Jaegers) programmed to battle the Earth-destroying creatures-from-the-deep (the Kaiju) need help from the remaining human element on the planet, and that's where Hunnam's ex-pilot and Rinko Kikuchi's untested-but-eager apprentice come in.

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