Something wicked this way comes. But isn't that always the case when it comes to Storybrooke?

At the end of the Once Upon a Time panel at Comic-Con on Saturday, fans were treated to a quick video revealing that a famous Disney villain is coming after our fairy tale friends in season two…

"Bad things are still happening in Storybrook," Henry said in the video. A dark shadow entered the antique store and broke into a glass case to take…a hook! Looks like Captain Hook, one of the coolest Disney villains ever, will be appearing on Once Upon a Time to cause some serious trouble. Does that mean Peter Pan isn't that far behind?

Any ideas who should play him? Could we possibly get Dustin Hoffman to reprise his role as the evil captain in Hook?

Other scoopy bits that came from the panel:

Henry's Father Revealed: Jennifer Morrison talked about her desire to learn more about who Emma is and about her foster parents—but that's not happening, at least not in the first couple episodes. The creators have other things on their minds. "I'm much more interested in who Henry's father is," creator Adam Horowitz says. "We can definitively say that in season two, you'll find out the identity of Henry's father." Start speculating!

Back to Fairy Tale World? Maybe not. "Everyone says 'go back to,' but we don't know if there's anything to go back to," Horowitz says. Ginnifer Goodwin adds excitedly: "I never could have conceived of the brilliance of the first couple of scripts. But I would say that as an audience member, it's exactly what you would want to see."

Other Fairy Tale Peeps: Edward Kitsis and Horowtiz revealed that they'd like to have Aladdin and the Little Mermaid appear on OUaT, but they aren't limiting their characters to Disney. "We would love to be able to draw from stories from all over the world," Horowitz says.

Other Burning Questions: The creators promised two more things for next season: We will learn the identity of Dr. Whale, and we'll find out what happened to Mr. Gold's son Bae.

Check out your first peek at the new season of OUaT, including Captain Hook's big entrance, below!

Stick close to our 2012 Comic-Con page, because we'll be getting scoop from the Glee, True Blood and Vampire Diaries panels later today!

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