Resident Evil: Retribution


Has the apocalypse finally come for the Resident Evil franchise?

With Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth film in the video game-inspired zombie series, opening in a couple of months, it seemed only fitting that the Comic-Con crowd would be asking director Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife and star, Milla Jovovich, if the end was nigh.

And, well, it's kinda nigh.

"This is definitely the beginning of the end," Anderson said this afternoon at the Resident Evil: Retribution panel. "This movie has a lot of revelations in it...a lot of characters die.


"Along with the increased scale," he continued, "there's an increased jeopardy for the characters involved. No one is really safe."

"It's a little bit weird having the end of your character talked about in front of your face!" Jovovich chimed in. Then, "I'm married to the guy—you don't think I know?!"

The actress, who has now played kickass heroine Alice five times, said that she and Anderson never discuss the next movie while they're still in the middle of making one, but admitted that they have talked about ideas as to how to bring Alice's story to a satisfying—if not exactly happy—conclusion.

"I really want to bring this to a close," Anderson added.

But, the panel moderator pointed out, the real secret is when husband and wife were having those ideas for the franchise's end—recently or last year, before Retribution was made.

"That was a cop-out!" protested costar Michelle Rodriguez, whose killed-off character Rain Ocampo is coming back in clone form. "I thought you were going to give us something juicy!"

Alice's fate (for now, at least) will be revealed Sept. 14 when the movie blasts into theaters in 2-D, 3-D and IMAX.

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