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On this week's episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company, things come to head with Morgan Eastwood's perpetual embarrassment when Dina Eastwood makes a scene at a gas station.

Essentially, the problem is that Dina chose to roll down her window and wave to two upperclassmen at Morgan's school. That's a big no-no, Momma Eastwood. What happens next is something Dina never could have anticipated and that is a full blown panic-teary attack from 15-year-old Morgan.

"It makes me feel like I've failed as a parent," Dina says after talking to housekeeper Lisa Thresh.

Mrs. Eastwood & Company

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Meanwhile, life is nothing but rosy for Francesca Eastwood, who is by her Uncle Dominic's side as he re-proposes marriage to his wife Jade in front of the spot at Grauman's Chinese Theater where they first realized they were meant to be.

"I can't help but think of my own proposal," Francesca says. (HINT: Her future proposal, or so she assumes, from beau Tyler Shields).

Francesca is feeling so confident in her love for Tyler that she even makes Dominic go engagement ring shopping, something Uncle Dom is none to thrilled about.

"I think Francesca is living vicariously though my own proposal," Dom says. "I think, in general, 18 is too young to be getting married."

Talk to the hand, Dom—because the heart wants what the heart wants. And in Francesca's case, that want is Tyler.

Only problem? Proposal isn't in Francesca and Tyler's future, at least not yet. So, things take a slightly awkward turn when Fran goes to Tyler's house for a romantic dinner, he pulls out a ring box and her hopes start to soar.

"He's going to propose to me," Francesca says.

Except, he's not! But, he does give Fran a beautiful diamond necklace. Hey, that's still something, right?!

"The necklace is beautiful, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed," Fran says.

When she reveals this little tidbit to her man, he completely understands, but reassures her than if and when he proposes it will be in a better place than his house. That a boy, Tyler!

Meanwhile, all Dina wants to do is make things right with Morgan. So, our fave Hollywood mom calls in a favor to her teen mentor friend to talk out what happened in their blowout fight. Turns out, being Morgan ain't so easy! She has to deal with jealousy at school and being made to feel different because of her famous father, Clint Eastwood. It's a concept Dina really hadn't considered up until then, and it forces her to re-evaluate how she's been dealing with her teen baby cheek.

"I want Morgan to be as strong as I am, but that's not really fair," Dina says.

While out on a drive, Dina pulls the car over and has a heart to heart with Morgan. "Even though my Mom embarrasses me, I still love her. As long as she understands that she can't ever do this kind of stuff again."

Want more from Mrs. Eastwood & Company? Tune in to an all new episode next Sunday at 10/9c only on E!

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