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"Everyone is leaving us!" screams American Idol. Actually, it's probably more of a "thanks for playing, we need fresh blood," type of situation, but that won't make us miss Jennifer Lopez any less.

She just brought a certain…something to the judges table week in and week out. And over two seasons, she had plenty of memorable moments that will probably always be special to Idol fans. It was tough to pick the top five, but we don't do this job because it's easy!

1. Save Jessica! Idol favorite Jessica Sanchez had to sing for her life in season 11 after she was in danger of being voted off. The judges looked dumbfounded, but they certainly got their wits back when she started singing. Led by J.Lo, they stormed the stage to stop the show. Lopez snatched the mic from her hand, yelling, "This is crazy!" Jenny from the Block is just so damn dramatic, and it made for great television.

Jennifer Lopez, Crying

2. Tears For the Fallen: When she first started her judging duties in season 10, no one must have given her the memo that cutting singing hopefuls can get quite brutal. During Hollywood week, after having to eliminate Chris Medina from the top 24, Lopez broke down in tears, insisting that she couldn't stand cutting people anymore. "I just don't feel like I told him in the right way," she said as Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler attempted to comfort her. Definitely a moment that tugged at your heartstrings.

3. Performing With Marc: Aw, remember when those two were married? Lopez's then-hubby Marc Anthony performed during the finale in season 10, and she gave him a hand in the form of some booty-shaking dance moves while he sang "Aguanile," from the movie they did together, El Cantante. It was a special moment for the love birds, probably overshadowed the following year when her now-boyfriend Casper Smart appeared onstage with J.Lo. And speaking of…

4. Honey, Be My Backup Dancer? In case you weren't jealous enough of J.Lo's hot bod, smoking good looks and millions and millions of dollars, she hit the stage for season 11's top four results show to put her love for dancer Casper Smart in the spotlight. While she performed "Dance Again," her boy toy burned up the stage with his moves, and their sexy one-on-one dance break had everyone in the audience (and at home) shouting: "Get a room!"

Phillip Phillips, Stefano Langone, American Idol


5. J.Lo, the Flirt Machine: Any Idol fans will admit that sometimes, your love for a certain singer is all about how hot they are when performing onstage. And it was comforting in a weird way to see Lopez share our enthusiasm by unabashedly doing some flirting with the male contestants, most notably with Stefan Langone in season 10 and Phillip Phillips in season 11. Hey, can you blame the girl? Jennifer, we will miss your sexy, coy remarks to the hot boys of Idol

Did we miss any memorable J.Lo moment? Will you watch next season now that she's officially out?

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