Dominic Monaghan

Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Dominic Monaghan continues to prove he's not one to hold anything back.

Less than two months after alleging that his former Lost costar Matthew Fox "beats women," the actor is now lashing out at the reality series Swamp People.

"If my hero #steveirwin was around those shows about killing alligators wouldn't be on tv. I'm gonna stop them," Monaghan tweeted regarding the popular History Channel show.

"If alligator populations need to be controlled I understand but the act should not be glorified on tv. Disgusting," he added. "These are living creatures."

Monaghan went on to call the series nothing more than "a show about rednecks killing gators" and says he blames "the network, not the people" for such a program.

The History Channel could not be reached for comment.

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