Randy Tepper/Showtime

Remember the crazy-good and just plain crazy cliffhanger from Dexter's season-six finale? Deb walking in on her brother, about to butcher someone...and discovering his secret!

How can a Dexter fan possibly wait until September to see what happens next? You don't have to, because Thursday night during Dexter's Comic-Con panel, fans were treated to the first two-minutes of Dexter's season-seven premiere!

When we last left off, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) was watching slack-jawed as she caught her half-brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall) about to do what he does best, get his serial killer on! Oh, and have we mentioned that she recently admitted she was in love with her half-bro? Yep, lots of issues to work out with those two.

And thanks to the good people at Showtime, we can see how that "working out issues" plan is starting off with a two-minute sneak peek at the season premiere of Dexter's seventh season, premiering Sunday Sept. 30.

Check it out below!

What do you think about the sneak peek at the Dexter season premiere?

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