The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln

Gene Page/AMC

Zombie-crawl, don't walk, to the end of this article, because we got your first look at what will surely be the most epic season of The Walking Dead yet!

During Friday afternoon's panel at Comic-Con, the creative minds behind TWD, along with the cast, took the stage to introduce the season-three trailer and drop some scoop about life in the Prison—and we finally got the premiere date!

Pull out your braaaaains-themed calendar and circle Sunday, Oct. 14, because that's when The Walking Dead returns on AMC. Plus, the new season will roll out for the rest of the world to see that same week! And what a season it'll be.

"This season, it's been fantastic, because we have not only the Prison location, but we're introducing Woodbury," Gale Anne Hurd says. "The intensity level is incredible, and we've got our cast inoculated now. The new people realize just what they're in for and the level that we expect and they've become just as passionate about The Walking Dead as the rest of us already are."

Showrunner Glen Mazzara adds: "I really think we're in the zone on this one. It's exciting, and we keep pushing each other. It's about staying raw, visceral, bring it every week."

Ready for some zombie awesome-ness in video form? Check out the official trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead below!

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