The Host

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Come November, both Team Edward and Team Jacob will be mourning the end of an epic love affair. But Stephenie Meyer doesn't plan on leaving Twihards without an obsession for long!

The film adaption of the Twilight sire's alien-invasion chiller The Host is out next March—and adoring fans who didn't dash out of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel this morning at Comic-Con were treated to the world premiere of scenes from the film.

And, like the unsuspecting souls who are having their brains co-opted by an intergalactic species, Meyer wasn't alone...

Director Andrew Niccol was also there to present the footage, featuring Saoirse Ronan pulling double duty as one of the few unpossessed humans left and the crystal-eyed doppelganger (what is it with Meyers' characters and their eyes?) created to take her over.

We saw shades of A.I., Terminator and various other apocalyptic, long-shots-in-the-desert movies—but, impressively, no Twilight, minus the need for contacts—in the five minutes we were treated to.

"Thanks, guys, so much!" Meyer told the whooping crowd, concluding what was her first appearance at Comic-Con since showing up in support of the first Twilight.

The Host, also starring Max Irons, Jake Abel and Diane Kruger (doing icy-blond alien liaison to a tee), is due in theaters March 29, 2013.

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