Jason Segel, Matilda Ledger

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Well, this is adorable.

If anyone was curious as to how seriously things were progressing between Jason Segel and Michelle Williams, the proof is right here for all to see.

While Michelle is due in San Diego today to take part in the Comic-Con panel for her new movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, she seems to have found herself one heck of an A-list babysitter.

That's because just yesterday, Jason and Matilda Ledger got in some quality (and oh-so-cute) one-on-one bonding time together, holding hands during a stroll through Brooklyn (accompanied, fear not, by her nanny).

In their amble through the borough, Matilda broke her hand-holding with the funnyman actor only briefly to show off some killer dance moves. The duo clearly get along famously, too, as they were all smiles for their stroll.

Hmmm...maybe the How I Met Your Mother star was sharing the story of, well, how he met her mother? Though we're not sure the world could handle that amount of adorable.

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