Chloë Sevigny, Out Magazine

Terry Richardson/Out Magazine

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You may not like the look that Chloe Sevigny is rocking on the latest issue of Out magazine.

Maybe you're over the whole celebrities-in-their-skivvies trend, or you're tired of actresses trying to look tough for imaginary haters.

Whatever. We're here to tell you that the Big Love alum, who has an awesome new gig as a transgender assassin in the British miniseries Hit & Miss, doesn't need your approval. To any true fashionista, Sevigny is and always will be an "it" girl, even if she's wearing, as she is here, nearly nothing.

Think we're just blinded by our fandom? Think again. For many of you, Sevigny has been a fashion innovator since before you were an embryo.

In her late teens, Sevigny was just, you know, chilling in New York's East Village one day, when a fashion editor at Sassy magazine saw her, observed her outfit and asked her to be an intern. At age 20, the kid was so legendary to the locals that a New Yorker writer did a 7-page piece on her sartorial sensibilities.

Cut to today and Sevigny is wearing black Calvin Klein underwear, an Opening Ceremony top and—well, that's about it—on the cover of Out.

But don't be fooled—she's as fashion forward as ever. Crack open the mag and you'll see the actress sporting that same pair of underwear and a serious pair of Yves San Laurent boots.

That's our girl.

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