Is Kate Upton the New Jessica Simpson? Model Accused of Jinxing Justin Verlander

Fans note that since Upton has been rumored to be linked to Detroit Tigers pitcher, his performance has declined

By Rebecca Macatee Jul 11, 2012 11:17 PMTags
Kate Upton, Justin VerlanderPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If you're a professional athlete, you'd think having your beautiful blond girlfriend (or rumored girlfriend) cheering you on would make you more confident in the game.

Yet Jessica Simpson was blamed for every Dallas Cowboys loss when she was in the stands rooting for then-boyfriend Tony Romo, and now Kate Upton is a scapegoat for fans of the Detroit Tigers.

Yes, some fans are already blaming the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model for team pitcher Justin Verlander's less-than-stellar performance in Tuesday night's All-Star game.

Upton, 20, and Verlander, 29, haven't actually confirmed they're dating. They have, however, been spotted together recently, and the hunky pitcher athlete certainly seems to be Upton's type! She was also rumored to be romantically linked to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez earlier this year.

The Los Angeles Times took note that once Sanchez's name was next to Upton's in the press, the football star had "had the first mediocre year of his career."

Fortunately, Verlander owned up to his lackluster performance, admitting he might have overexerted himself at the beginning of the game. "That's why I don't try to throw 100 [mph] in the first inning," he said. "Usually doesn't work out too well for me."

Know what might work out well? A (rumored!) relationship with Kate Upton. Then again, it's really those fickle fans who need to quit it with the blame game.