The Amazing Spiderman

Columbia Pictures

Do you think Sony spent money obscuring Andrew Garfield's spandexed spider-crotch? Didn't Fox do that for Fantastic Four?
—Dennis A., via Twitter

The rubbery Reed Richards character, played by Ioan Gruffudd, did reportedly give studio suits some pause in the codpiece department. But it's unclear whether his family jewels were shrunken practically or digitally. ("They were sort of trimmed down," is all the actor has said.)

As for Andrew Garfield, don't assume that anyone has touched his junk, via computer or otherwise. "Most digital enhancement of actors takes place with females, such as digitally slimming their bodies or adding padding in the right places," says visual effects specialist Blake Senftner, who worked on The Chronicles of Narnia. "However, that is only done digitally when some exec requires it due to audience reaction or presumed audience reaction."

That's not the only question I've fielded from you all lately. Here are some more...

How do l join the Illuminati? Jay-Z is mah man when it comes to the game!
—Osborne Leo Nkomazana, via Facebook

Assuming it's even real, they contact you, son, not the other way around. The good news is that Facebook has probably already shared all your private info with them by now. So if they want you, they know how to get in touch.

Who pays actors, and how do they get paid? Does a really famous actor just get $15 million directly deposited into his bank account?
—Movie Critic Princess, via Twitter

They get paid weekly over the course of filming. If an actor—say, Scarlett Johansson—gets paid for a movie—say, $20 million—and she shoots over six weeks, that's about $3.3 mil a week until filming wraps.

Is there a train from Paris to Barcelona???
—Lesley-Anne, via Twitter


Why can't I see the old Adam West Batman shows on DVD? What's UP?

—P.X., via the inbox

You're not alone in wanting to revisit Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar in a catsuit. But don't hold your bat-breath. I hear that the biggest obstacle is a legal one; two studios are wrangling with who has the rights to what. 20th Century Fox produced the series back in the day, but the Caped Crusader has since glided on over to Warner Bros. There is some hope, however: Variety reports that Warner will soon offer merchandise based on the classic series. The deal between that studio, Sony and the original reportedly took four years to iron out. Maybe the agreement will serve as a template for a DVD deal.

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