Guess Me from Behind

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Not long ago—a little more than a year to be exact—this booty was being broadcast live, across the planet.

Within 24 hours it would become one of the most discussed derrieres, probably, like, ever. Of all time.

And yet we barely recognize it here. For one, the butt is clad in a pair of gray pants that are uncharacteristically blah, especially for this British fashion plate. And while we ain't mad at the girl's flat sneakers, they're not her typical posh style, either.

So who is she?

Pippa Middleton






Why, it's Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton and in-law of one of the hottest young princes on Earth! Observe as she strolls to work in the Chelsea district of London, practically incognito in her white tee and sunglasses.

We won't slam the girl for gettin' her cozy on, but we will say this—we prefer the smarter looks she tends to rock more often. (Think high-heeled boots, sleek jeggings, tailored jackets.)

Maybe she's just trying to fool the paparazzi?

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