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If you are a fan of True Blood, then you are probably a fan of the no-nonsense fashion forward vampire, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten).

With some of the slickest lines of the series and a deep seeded hatred of Sookie (Anna Paquin) she is a stand out in the crowded cast.

We talked to True Blood star Kristen Bauer van Straten all about Pam's journey to motherhood, the season's sad breakup with Eric and her extremely tough job hazard: seeing Alexander Skarsgård naked. We feel for you girl!

But the Eric and Pam relationship goes beyond hot hookups—one of the most emotional moments of the season came from Eric releasing Pam from the maker bond. "It's so sad, so beautiful and so sad," says Bauer van Straten. However she wasn't exactly on board with their breakup from the beginning.

"We went to the writers, and were like 'Wait, what does this mean? How will this actually be different? Will their relationship be different?"' All fair questions, but what'd the bosses say?

"Well basically they just don't tell us anything. We're going to have to see and evolve. The nice thing about True Blood and HBO is they don't wrap things up, so this will carry over into next year as well. It evolves more like a relationship in life. So we'll see. Pam is trying to find herself without that umbilical cord."

But as one bond ends, a new one begins and it's no accident that just when Pam becomes a maker we get a glimpse of her own vampire origin story via flashbacks. "She is reflecting and borrowing from that relationship and pieces of it will be seen with her progeny," Bauer van Straten explains.

Will being a maker to Tara (Rutina Wesley) make the sweet parent side come out? "You know she's not the most nurturing. We'll see glimpses of a softer side…it won't last long."

Between breakups and making new vampires, Pam has had a busy season already, but things will start to put her in the path of the Authority. "We are now moving into the havoc the Authority is wreaking," Bauer van Straten dishes. "A lot of my season has to do with that, and try to find this new way in this new world. And also dealing with this ball and chain called Tara (Rutina Wesley). That I would have preferred to have killed, but now she's my child."

Don't worry we remembered to ask the tough questions like, just how is it to film love scenes with Alexander Skarsgård? "There's always a hundred takes. I saw his naked ass get out of bed many many times. It's very strenuous." Trust us, we feel really badly for her.

"The one question I get repeatedly is, 'Is he as good looking in person?' And he's better looking in person. He's taller. He's funnier. He's sweeter." Awww.

Want more True Blood scoop from Kristin Bauer van Straten? Watch the exclusive interview with her now:

How do you like Pam as a maker? Want to see more Pam and Eric flashbacks? Sound off in the comments!

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