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Previously on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian Odom is getting pressured to spend more time with the family—that is, the family outside of just hubby Lamar Odom.

Kim Kardashian isn't giving up on her little sis either—even if Khloé really, really wishes she would.

"I really do miss Khloé," Kim says. "So I just figured I can tweet some baby pictures of us, just to put in Khloé's head—kind of let her know—we always will stick together."

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian, is sticking in New York City to help with the opening of Scott Disick's new restaurant—but that doesn't mean he can't put a little something in Kim's head from across the country. Like the fact that there's a rumor going around about her dating rapper Kanye West...

"Kim and Kanye have been friends for years" Kourtney Kardashian says. "They've been hanging out lately and I have no idea if it's serious or not because I haven't talked to her about it."

So, Kourtney, we'll ask you this: When Kim takes you for a ride in her "friend" Kanye's car, does that seem serious to you?

"So, Kanye and I, you know we have a lot of things in common," Kim says. "We both just love cars. So what's the big deal? I'm just borrowing my friend's car."

Uh-huh. Yeah, no, we'd totally let our friend borrow a sports car and drive it around town. Suuure.

After the joyride is over, Kim and Kourtney find a very special surprise waiting for them: Khloé, and the fact that she and Lamar will be joining the family at Scott's restaurant opening. Hooray!

You hear that, Scott? The whole fam is coming to see you! Aren't you excited?!

"I just want to make Kourtney really proud of me," Scott says. "She's had a lot of doubts already and I don't want her to have more."

Turns out he might be right about that, because once they get to New York, Kourtney reveals, "I'm definitely a little bit nervous, because Scott always has an excuse about everything, but I am hoping that Scott's restaurant opening will be a huge success."

It's the perfect time for Kourt to find her man and get him pumped for the opening! Only...she can't seem to locate him. Anywhere. Yikes.

"It's very annoying that my entire family is here—only to support Scott and his restaurant opening—and he hasn't really spent time with any of us...I definitely think that Scott owes me an apology and an explanation."

You tell 'em, Kourtney!

As we Kardashian lovers know, this isn't the first time that Scott has been M.I.A. during a big family moment, but the difference is that this time he's starting to acknowledge it. "I've been told a million times that I run away from my problems, and I'm not saying I don't," Scott says. "I already have too much on my plate, and it's a lot of people with a lot of opinions."

The "people" being the Kardashian fam and the "opinions" being that Kourtney needs to be treated better. Even Rob stands up for his big sis and tells Scott that he needs to grow up—how's that for brotherly love?!

But the family's opinions don't stop at Kourtney—they've also got opinions about Kim's new relationship, natch, and things heat up when word comes out that Kanye will be attending Scott's opening as well!

"I think Kim wants to believe that she can take things slow," Khloé says. "But let's keep it real—you're wearing K.W. earrings, I know what that stands for."

So do we! And come the restaurant's opening night, it's all but crystal clear that Kim and Kanye are an item, even if Kim wants to stay quiet about it.

"I am so happy Kanye's coming with me to Scott's restaurant opening," Kim says, "and I don't want to make a big fuss about it."

Scott won't be making a fuss about, if that helps, he's too in the zone with his latest business venture! "Finally the opening is here and thank God, because it's killing me," he says.

After the night ends and the opening goes off without a hitch, Scott admits, "It felt nice to actually build something on my own."

See, Scott? Sometimes the stress is all worth it. Even Kourtney is feeling out-in-the-open love for her man, as she presents him with a beautiful gold ring—not of the marrying kind, relax!

"This trip to New York was definitely patchy for Scott and I," Kourtney says. "But I decided to give him this love ring to show him how I'm here through thick and thin."

Maybe the gift is a little too...something for momager Kris Jenner, as she rolls her eyes at the gesture and later confides in Kim. "It's just like the same old story over and over and over," Kris says. "He misbehaves, she ignores it and then she rewards him for his bad behavior. I'm just over it."

Will Kris' anger toward Scott bubble to the surface? Tune in this Sunday to find out when an all-new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs at 9 p.m. only on E!

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