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A wee bit of news is breaking at this hour: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have signed a settlement agreement in their pending divorce.

With that in mind, here's a photo of what Katie wore to her last known trip to her lawyer's office on Saturday.

So, let's read into this sunny yellow wardrobe to glean signs and portents that probably don't exist. What's the fun otherwise?

Hey, fun fact: Yellow is no ordinary color. According to color analysts (yep, there are those), yellow invokes pleasant and cheerful emotions. Optimistic thoughts. Thoughts like, "I'm about to get everything I want from my ex, unless he'd like to go to court and lose every penny he owns and watch his church get exposed in front of the world as a janky cult. Hee!"

Was that what Katie was trying to project when she wore this summery frock paired with a cute Current/Elliott denim jacket, Rag & Bone nude booties and oversized sunglasses that scream "All's sunny"?

Who knows, but we're fashion journalists. It's our jobs to make stuff up.

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