Fake Joe Jonas, Darren Criss Photo


It's a couple made in same-sex heaven—Darren Criss and Joe Jonas!

A collage of photos showing the Glee star and former boy bander holding hands on different occasions has been making its way around the internet.

Someone even pasted cute little red hearts on the pics.

But hold unto your rainbow flags because...

The images are so fake.

Not that there's anything wrong with two men holding hands, but there is no romance blossoming between the two.

Not only are they both straight, but the pics are the work of a very crafty Photoshop pro.

And just in case you had any doubt about their fakeness, Rumorfix found the original photos that were used for the mash-ups. One even shows that Ashley Green was replaced by Criss in a two-year-old shot of the Twilight starlet holding hands with her then-JoBros boyfriend.

When Criss first snagged the role of gay teen Blaine on Glee, he shot down assumptions that he must be gay, too. "I define myself as a straight male," he told Vanity Fair.

Jonas also once told Details magazine that he finds nothing wrong with being gay, but "I'm not."

Perhaps it's time for Jonas to guest on Glee as a love interest for Blaine? A showdown with Kurt would be priceless.

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