We don't know what spreads faster in New Jersey: hot gossip or young love.

Who cares when there are tons of both to go around on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?!

Let's find out the latest in juice head gossip, shall we?

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Melissa and Joe Gorga throw a birthday party for all of New Jersey their daughter, Antonia. That couple really likes to live up to its classy, yet sexy reputation. They kind of have to since they're always, you know, "on display, on display each and every day."

While everyone preps for Antonia's big bash, the families weigh in on the whole therapy thing. Joe Giudice says, "We don't need therapy, it should just work." Of it working for them, Teresa offers, "Yeah right, are you kidding me?" At least they can agree on one thing.

Melissa and Joe contemplate starting to have family dinner on Sundays.

Fuhgeddaboud the past, let's move on to the future.

At the party Teresa and Melissa discuss plans for a family dinner, and they seem like BFFs. However, Melissa notes that whenever Teresa says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah" she's actually lying.

As Teresa tells Joe about the drama between her and Jacqueline Laurita, guess who happens to walk into the birthday party? Teresa tries to cover up the mishap by complimenting her new frenemy on her leopard print. Nice save.

Kathy Wakile doesn't want to take sides, but she doesn't know where to stand when it comes to Teresa. A bit of advice: don't stand too close or you might get a fist pump to the face.

In other news, music mogul Corté Ellis pays Melissa a visit to ask if she'd like to perform at a music festival called Beatstock. She goes to learn some moves with famed choreographer, Chris Judd.

Meanwhile, Gia Guidice dances her booty off at a major audition to perform at Beatstock. Do we smell a family band in the making?

Speaking of family, Rosie Pierri brings home a new lady friend that she picked up at the bar with her sister. Although the two just met, her family seems very supportive of this new friendship.

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The Manzos are not quite as traditional when it comes to bringing a new girlfriend home. Albie Manzo introduces his ladylove, Lindsay, to his mother (and the rest of the clan) at a gay bar in New York City. Albie suggests that the big challenge is to impress his sister, Lauren Manzo. The real question is if she can handle watching Chris take body shots off of Joe Gorga, and dancing on tables with Melissa. Sounds like a piece of Italian Wedding Cake for a professional cheerleader, right?

What do you think of the two new love interests? Will they last? And what about the new alliance between Jacqueline, Kathy, and Caroline? Will they be strong enough to go up against Teresa on their trip to Napa?

Put your comments on display, on display!

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