The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln

Gene Page/AMC

Did anyone call for a badass katana-wielding zombie killer? Because Michonne has arrived, just in time for The Walking Dead's new season!

Last night on The Talking Dead, AMC's show about all things zombies, a never-before-seen clip of Michonne (Danai Gurira) doing what she does best debuted to an eager audience. And if this doesn't get you excited for season three, we don't know what will.

In the clip, Michonne takes the heads off three zombies in typical fashion, all for some aspirin, most likely for Andrea (Laurie Holden), whom she found about to be overwhelmed by walkers in the season-two finale.

As for the rest of TWD crew, showrunner Glen Mazzara told The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick that season three is all about Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) new outlook, calling it a "Ricktatorship."

"Rick has to whip that group in shape; there's no safe place to hide," Mazzara said.

Executive producer David Alpert added: "We're going to kill so many people!" And not just walkers and one-episode characters. It'll be castmembers and "people that you care about and love."

Yikes. Sounds like stakes are higher than ever in season three! Fans will get a full trailer when The Walking Dead hits Comic-Con this weekend, but until then, just enjoy this first look at Michonne being a badass!

What do you make of season three so far? Anxious for more zombie action?

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