Young Berg, Sam Rubin

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Did KTLA reporter Sam Rubin really tweet a racial slur to rapper Young Berg?

Thursday, "@therealyungberg fake a-- n---a," popped up on the entertainment journalist's account, followed by "OOPS....I will explain later. But, biggest boo boo of the year. For reals," the next day.

And among others, it caught the eye of Gawker writer Louis Peitzman, who wrote a story about it, calling Rubin out for the racist tweet.

But, was it Rubin who wrote those career-jeopardizing words (which have since been deleted) or was he simply the victim of a drama-stirring hacker?

This one is...

So false!

The KTLA reporter said he was the victim of a hacker, and the tweet that followed was actually in reference to a Dark Knight Rises press screening he attended in which the movie "broke." 

"Pardon Friends, my twitter has clearly been hacked," Rubin tweeted Friday. "Will fix when I return home. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't tweet that phrase ever."

Then, in a blog post called, "How a Hack Hijacked My Being Hacked," Rubin went on to skewer Peitzman, writing among other things, "I don't know Louis Peitzman from the Man On The Moon, but the decidedly lazy scribe for Gawker.Com, must have been on a terribly tight deadline to post such a lightly researched and incredible inaccurate story about my own twitter account, and a tweet that was posted by a hacker on my account." 

"Lazy Louis Peitzman said this was just part of the typical arc of high profile people who sent out offensive tweets," Rubin continued. "NO, you pointless putz; I apologized because I clearly felt badly that any kind of racist statement would be associated with me; and that anyone would actually think I had done something like this."

Peitzman later updated his original story, writing "in a blog post, Rubin explains that the 'boo boo' tweet was in reference to a bungled Dark Knight Rises screening, and that I am a lazy hack and a 'pointless putz.' Fair."

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