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Do you know how lucky you are? How lucky all of us are?

We're living in what has to be the most bountifully awesome, eclectic, addictive and endlessly entertaining period in pop culture history.

From superheroes and flesh-eating zombies to the wonderfully infinite wormholes of YouTube. From Hollywood icons and fast-moving fashion memes to just about everything Rihanna touches. From the ephemeral joys of Twitter and Top 40 radio to some of the greatest television of all time.

Simply put, there's never been such a limitless supply of fun stuff to look at, laugh at, covet, criticize, ponder and pine for. Better yet, it's never been so easy to get at all of it from just about anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi signal.

COMPLETE LIST: The 100 Best Things in Pop Culture

So we figured, to heck with it: Let's drop everything for a minute and celebrate this glorious pop culture boom. Let's rally around a master list of the 100 most extraordinary people, artifacts, trends, body parts and Internet thingees that we just can't get out of our heads.

And we're obviously not waiting for some year-end wrap-up or fake occasion. We're talking about the stuff that's got us excited right now.

So, behold 100 absolutely current specimens of cultural greatness that span the worlds of movies, music, games, fashion, politics, fan fiction, celebrity pets and, yes, Charlize Theron.

Join in this multimedia lovefest or cherry-pick the stuff you're totally over and tell us in the comments. Whatever you do, just don't miss a moment of this incredible pop culture renaissance.

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