Iron Man


Look who's ready to suit up again!

Iron Man 3 doesn't hit theaters until next May, but we're already starting to see bits and pieces of what to expect from the Robert Downey Jr.–headlined flick.

It's what's we're not seeing in these teasers, though, that's got the geekverse abuzz.

Marvel has released an image of concept art from the flick that shows Downey's Tony Stark battling baddies in what appears to be an armored suit ermerging from his body.

The pic, which was posted on The Avengers' Facebook page, depicts only sections of the suit on his left arm and left leg, with the rest of his armor MIA.

The image immediately reinforced fanboys' theories that the film's top-secret plot would indeed be based on the comic book's famous Extremis storyline, in which a scientist creates a drug that grants superhuman abilities to its subjects.

That, or Tony Stark was rushing to get dressed and forgot to strap on a few accessories. Hey, happens to all of us!

The flick already starting filming in late May with Gwyneth Paltrow, who reprises her Pepper Potts role, as well as potential new love interest Rebecca Hall. (Jessica Chastain reportedly had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.)

Guy Pearce is also on board as a geneticist named Aldrich Killian, who supposedly creates the Extremis serum.

As for the baddie, Ben Kingsley has signed on to play a supervillain, and although the studio has yet to confirm his identity, speculation is running high that he could take on the role of Mandarin, a wealthy scientist and martial-arts expert who draws his immense power from highly advanced alien technology.

Hopefully, some of those questions will get answered when Iron Man 3 hits Comic-Con on July 14 and invades the the San Diego Convention Center's vaunted Hall H.

The film arrives in theaters on May 3, 2013.

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