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Happy Friday, everybody! And because it's the end of the week, how about we celebrate with some TV scoop?

Ginnifer Goodwin was kind enough to preview season two of Once Upon a Time for us, and Busy Phillips gave us some smooching scoop to tide us over until Cougar Town returns. All that, plus The Vampire Diaries, Weeds, Parenthood and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

Leslie: Can I get some Once Upon a Time season-two scoop?
What's interesting about next season is really in the way the cast has been describing it to us. For example, check out Ginnifer Goodwin's take on season two: "We're going to remember our parallel lives, so we'll be creating essentially a third character. They are going to blend the two characters we've already been playing." Never fear, fans of OUAT's first season won't be forgotten. "It's going to be a brand-new show. But I think it will still be all the characters the fans know and love," she says.

Jordan: Please tell me this Laurie-Travis thing isn't really happening on Cougar Town. Maybe TBS will scrap the storyline?
Keep dreaming, buddy. Busy Phillips just told us that as of right now, there are no plans to abandon that romance. "I think we might make out next season," she reveals to us. "We only have 15 episodes to do it, but it'll happen." As for the move to TBS, Phillips couldn't be more thrilled. "I think [TBS] is going to put more promotion behind [the show]. We're excited to be there!" she gushes. "We start in August and I met all the new writers the other day. I'm very, very excited." Ditto for us!

Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

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Chloe: I am desperate for some new Vampire Diaries scoop! Please help!
Whoa, take a deep breath. Pretty soon you'll be lousy with TVD scoop, because the show and its stars are headed to Comic-Con next week! But because we love you so much, we'll tell you something now: there's a new vampire hunter in town next season! His name is Connor, and word on the street is that he'll be sticking around for awhile after he pops up in episode two.

Glenn: What's the new season of Parenthood going to look like?
Same ole complicated Braverman family drama, of course. It wouldn't be Parenthood if there wasn't some drama in Amber's (Mae Whitman) job, especially now that she's working in the family business. You think she'd have learned about not sleeping with guys in the workplace, but no. Also, Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel's (Sam Jaeger) new addition, Victor, isn't exactly BFFs with cousin Max. Drama for everyone!

Heather: Isn't there a lost episode of Happy Endings out there?
Yes, ma'am! It's called "KickBall 2: The Kickening," and Casey Wilson tells us that she's still hoping ABC will air it sometime this summer, instead of just plugging it into Happy Ending's third season in the fall. "We have one more episode coming out this summer. A lost episode," she says. "I play kickball in six-inch high heels. I actually did OK, not to brag." If you can't wait for ABC to release it, you can check it out at Out Fest, because the Happy Endings panel will screen it.

Connor in Albany, NY: Something on Weeds would make my day!
Well then mazel tov! Fans who have been with the Botwins since their Agrestic days will be intrigued to know that Nancy and Co. will be returning to their Jewish roots later this season. In episode 10 we'll meet Ellen and Jesse Brenner, a fun and stylish Jewish couple who are invited to a Shabbat dinner where the guest list also includes a Rabbi named Dave and the always surprising Nancy. Hmmm, we wonder what shady yet hilarious drug deal is going to go down in this one….


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Riley: Got anything on Covert Affairs?
We're happy you asked, because we just finished watching the July 10 season premiere of Covert Affairs and it's crazy. Crazy, we tell you! And crazy hot, too! After a top-secret plot twist, Annie (Piper Perabo) will find herself with a new boss, new job and a new hot man. But are any of these things permanent? Let's not kid ourselves, they are all going to put her in danger.


Trey in Houston: I would like some Psych scoop. Please and thank you.
Juliet is getting a new roomie y'all! Laura is a bubbly, perky, upbeat, positive, and a complete and total copycat. In episode eight, we'll see Laura start to change her appearance, and mannerisms to become more and more like her new BFF. Creepy. Not surprisingly, Shawn has some serious "issues" with this new Juliet duplicate, especially when she starts to flirt with him. Gasp! Shawn and Gus decide to follow the twenty-something in hopes of finding out why she's trying to become the new Juliet. 

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling & Leanne Aguilera

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