Rob Lowe, David Crosby

Jean-Paul Aussenard/Getty Images; Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images

Helpless Rob Lowe is not.

In one of those only-in-Hollywood alliances, folk rocker David Crosby is coming to the defense of the former West Winger in response to salacious allegations Lowe and wife Sheryl sexually harassed two former nannies.

The CSN stalwart gave a sworn statement last month claiming he spent lots of time at Casa Lowe and saw firsthand how they treated ex-babysitters Laura Boyce and Jessica Gibson.

"I never witnessed any inappropriate or offensive conduct by Sheryl Lowe," said Crosby. "I never heard Sheryl Lowe use racial slurs or make offensive sexual comments."

Crosby said that he even went on vacation with the Lowes to Hawaii and that "Laura Boyce stated on several occasions that she only dates black guys because of the size of their [privates]," but that "I never observed tension, hostility or disrespect from Sheryl toward Laura Boyce or Laura Boyce toward Sheryl."

Now if only Lowe could get President Bartlet to put in a good word.

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