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What's the best way to compete with the likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus? A new album?

No, silly! It's showing the world that you can mix it up with the best of those brats.

Behold, Pink! Of the see-through shirt and duct-taped ta-tas, as tough and smarmy as ever in a brand new video greeting to fans. Now this is how a real pop heavyweight shows skin...

We cringe to think of the pain Pink went through when it came time to remove that tape. But, then again, Pink is no soft pop starlet, either. And she reminded us of that fact with everything she wore in her video message: A too-cool black-and-white tuxedo jacket, confident cotton-candy cropped ‘do, chunky statement rings and just general Pink-ness.

The reason for the video? Call it a cause for celebration, because the onetime Alecia Moore revealed she's back in the booth recording her sixth studio album due out in September.

Something tells us that Ri-Ri and Miley are about to strip down to a pair of pasties in desperation...Or is that considered overdressed these days?

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