Pauly D

Courtesy of Ivan Nicolov/WENN

From the intricate gel detailing of his blowout to his impeccably clean kicks, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio is a now-32-year-old vision of Jersey perfection (yes, GTL had something to do with that, too).

And with everything he's got goin' on, it's clear that the Jersey Shore star's success goes way further than skin deep.

Sure, Pauly has the personality of someone you'd want as your best friend and an infectious smile (oh, the smile) that's undeniable, but this Cancer is also one ambitious fist-pumper.

Aside from his deejaying career blowing up, Pauly was one of the first Shore stars to have his own spinoff, The Pauly D Project, which gave fans an inside look of the reality star's hustle outside of screenprinting shirts at The Shore Store.

As if that wasn't enough, DelVecchio is currently featured on the new dating reality show The Choice and (possibly his biggest accomplishment to-date) recently signed with 50 Cent as G-Unit Records' newest addition.

Here's to having an awesome birthday full of chocolate cake and girls that are DTF (but won't steal your diamond chain).

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