Things are starting to get serious.

This week's episode of The Bachelorette marked Emily Maynard's hometown visits for her four suitors still standing, and we all know that these meet-and-greets with the family can be a breaking point.

Let's talk about what happened...

After reuniting with her daughter Ricki, Emily jet off to Chicago to meet up with (the very Polish) Chris and his family.

His father seemed to take a liking to Emily (but what guy can really resist that beautiful smile?) and gave his blessing for the potential couple. Meanwhile, Chris' mother put a little fire under his booty and told her son to kick ass and fight for Emily.

Damn straight, mama!

Chris' sisters showed a little concern over their brother getting hurt, but overall, the visit seemed to go smoothly.

Next up was Utah to see Jef—who only brings girls home that "mean the world to him."

The duo took a tour of his family's ranch and went shooting (because that will calm her nerves, especially when he shared that he's broken up with girls his fam-bam didn't like.)

Emily met Jef's siblings and their spouses as well as his nieces and nephews, but not his parents because they were away on a mission. But everyone else definitely took care of grilling her for them.

Jef's loved ones seemed to have a little bit of worry concerning Maynard's beliefs and the fact that Jef would be a father right away. Also the issue of whether or not Emily would consider moving came up.

No worries Jef fans, everything went by fine and in the end, everyone accepted Em. Oh, and Jef also read her this really sweet letter he wrote to her—too cute.

The adrenaline went up in Scottsdale, Ariz., when Emily went to see Arie.

They decided to take a race around the track right away, and Maynard confessed she would only do this with him. Awww!

Arie was a little apprehensive about Emily meeting his folks, which, obviously, made Emily nervous, too. Once they met up with his parents and siblings, his family started to do a little storytelling and then the parentals started speaking Dutch. What? Arie was annoyed with that.

Emily handled the interrogation well and earns a blessing from the family of one her "favorite guys."

Lastly, Emily went to Dallas to see Sean, and right away Maynard explained how she thinks Ricki would love living there. 

Once they arrived to the house to meet the family, Sean confessed a secret to Emily: He still lives with his parents and his room is full of stuffed animals.

That's enough to make a mother and potential wife run for the hills right?!

Maybe, but it was all a joke. Whew!

Sean's parents both showed glee and astonishment at how their son's grown through this process and how easily he opens up to Emily, so clearly, they're all in.

Then it was the dreadful (but exciting) rose ceremony, and Emily decided to say goodbye to Chris, who was "shocked" at his departure.

Who do you think is next to get the boot? Sound off in the comments!

(Originally published July 2, 2012, at 8:30 p.m. PT)

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