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Will the original Glee cast members definitely returning for season four please stand up? Anybody?

Sure, we know about Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera's status for next season, but what about the dozen other New Directions kids? We needed answers, so we talked to a Glee fan-favorite about whether or not they'll be returning to McKinley High, New York City, or wherever! Plus, Gillian Jacobs spills to us about Community and Chevy Chase (maybe) staying on the show. All that, plus Nikita season premiere scoop, Weeds and much more in today's Spoiler Chat...

Olivia: Kristin, I need your help! My Glee favorite is Mike Chang, so should I even bother watching next season? Will he be back? Thanks!
Good news, Olivia! And the adorable Harry Shum Jr. is here to deliver it. "I should be returning. Right now we're finishing everything up and talking to the creators. I would love to come back and I think that's going to happen," he reveals to us. Five second dance party to celebrate! Ready? Go! And now back to Harry. "There's still more to explore after the high school life," he says. "It's going to be a whole different world from dancing in high school and going to a performing arts school, it's a whole other level. Hopefully you'll see the level of dancing go up as well." Now our next question is: Will he keep a long-distance relationship with Tina?

: You going to Comic-Con?
Obviously! Remember all our awesome coverage last year? You are welcome. We would never miss an opportunity to spoil the crap out of our readers with TV scoop from all the best shows! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our Comic-Con coverage in the next week or so, mmmkay?

Hunter in Hollywood: I absolutely loved the season premiere of Weeds! I had a hunch it was going to be Nancy, but the shooter was still a huge mystery to me!
More like a game of Clue! We were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was an all-grown-up Tim, in the bushes with the rifle. Phew! Glad to finally say that out loud, but we're forgetting what this show is really about: weed! In next week's episode not only do we see a pretty significant time jump, we also meet Nancy's newest competitor and he's quite the clown. Not to worry, in true Botwin style she'll wipe that painted smile off his face quicker than you can say "balloon animal."

Maggie Q, Nikita

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Megan in Portland, Ore.: I. Need. Nikita. (please.)
Sheesh! Well, at least you said please. In the season three premiere, Nikita and Michael will come face-to-face with Martin, an ex-Division agent who is ruthlessly dangerous, but also handsome with an "evil sexuality." Martin has been working in Hong Kong as an undercover fashion photographer, but once Percy died and Division gained new leadership, he cut out his tracker (ouch!) and went rogue. Now Martin is working with Hong Kong Intelligence Agent Li Bai, leaving a trail of dead CIA members who all had horrible "accidents." Note to self: Don't go to lunch with Martin.

Tad: Quick question for Spoiler Chat...since Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase had a falling out, will Pierce not be on Community next season?
We asked that every same question to the beautiful Gillian Jacobs, who very awkwardly stumbled through a (sort of) confirmation that Chase will be a part of Community next season. "Chevy will be back. I assume Chevy will be back. Yes, my assumption is that Chevy will be back," she tells us. As for Dan Harmon not running Community anymore, Jacobs assures fans that next season will be just as fun to watch. "I'm very sad that we aren't working with Dan anymore, but very excited for the new guys coming on board," she says. "The fact that we're still on the air, I'm just so thankful for everything that Dan created with the show. I hope that we can make 13 awesome episodes that make people happy."

Jessica: Love that Mekhi Phifer is on White Collar! What can you tell me about his character in the season premiere?
Only that he's nothing but trouble for our poor, handsome Caffrey. Collins (Phifer) is going to do some very illegal things to bring our favorite blue-eyed fugitive to justice. And by the end of the episode, Collins will be way too close to arresting him, and that'll be thanks in large part to a double-cross from a very surprising source. White Collar's new season is starting off with a bang, folks!

Claire Danes, Homeland

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Kyle in Los Angeles: Anything on Homeland's second season?
The powers-that-be over at Homeland are looking for someone to play a tough and talented Hezbollah commando, who almost seamlessly blends into Western countries. Emphasis on the word "almost." Expect that character to stick around for awhile, because they want him as a recurring role.

Gina in Los Gatos, Calif.: Anything on Portlandia? Best comedy on television!
Well then you might like to know that your favorite comedy on television could very well be your favorite comedy in movie theaters! "I would love it," Fred Armisen tells us when we asked if he'd be up for a movie version of Portlandia. "I would like to see Woody Allen, Paul McCartney, Mick Jones from The Clash [in it]. I think Bill Clinton would be interesting." Wait, what? Who would the former president play? "I always like them to play someone else," Armisen says. "I just like the way he is—he's so interesting...maybe someone who owns an art gallery." Most random dream cast ever, but we love it!

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Leanne Aguilera, Alexis Loinaz & Erin Campbell

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