Emmy Contenders, Best Supporting Actress

AMC; Carnival Film & Television; CBS

A dowager countess with wit that could cut a little wolf from the North and a pope's daughter who could poison an evil queen. These are just some of lovely ladies of TV who are ready to battle it out for an Emmy nomination. And boy, are these ladies gearing up for a catfight! 

Now for the fun part, it's your turn to choose which supporting actress in a drama series you think deserves an Emmy nomination. Who's it going to be?

We know it's tough, but we'll hold your hand through the whole process. You have some tough decisions. With last year's winner, Margo Martindale, out of the race, the prize is up for grabs. Can Regina King shoot straight for a nomination? Will Kelly Macdonald be in the race again? Will Christina Hendricks strut and charm her way to the Emmys? Or was Kiernan Shipka the standout in Mad Men this season?

In case you've forgotten which ladies are the supporting stars of the TV season, we did the work for you. Take a look at our super gallery of outstanding supporting actresses and tell us your vote in the comments. 

Which suporting actress in a drama do you think should get an Emmy nomination? Did we include your favorite actress? Tell us in the comments! 

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