Kevin McHale, Glee, Season 3

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Who knew the sweet boy in the wheelchair would turn out to be one of the harshest mentors on The Glee Project?!

We sat down with Kevin McHale about appearing on tomorrow night's episode of The Glee Project to help the kids deal with "adaptability," plus he has some theories about Glee's mysterious fourth season.

Slowly but surely, we're getting a feel for Glee's next season, but fans are still wondering what exactly the hell their show will look like next year. Why don't we know yet? One of the reasons is that not even the cast knows what's going on. Not that Kevin is sweating it. "I have no idea [what's happening next season], which I kind of love because it's terrifying," he tells us. "I'm assuming Kate Hudson and…Sarah Jessica Parker? I'm assuming they will be with the New York crowd in some aspects, but hopefully I'll bump into them."

In the meantime, Kevin is spending his summer keeping in touch with his Glee buddies and mentoring on The Glee Project. And he takes his duties very, very seriously.

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"In theory I wanted to pull a Simon Cowell and be very harsh and what I thought was truthful," he says. "And then the assignment for the week was so hard! Like the whole twist they threw into it, and even I was like, 'I don't think I could do that.'"

So what exactly does "adaptability" mean to him? "Every week is adaptability, but my character obviously has a close connection with adaptability," Kevin tells us. "But everybody's characters do, only because we are playing those kind of characters and we're doing different songs every week, so even just doing the work you have to adapt every single day."

To find out more about his mentoring role on tomorrow's The Glee Project, plus behind-the-scenes scoop about the Glee cast, check out our full interview with Kevin below!

How are you enjoying this season of The Glee Project? Who has been your favorite mentor so far?

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