Chris Brown, Drake

Michael Kovac, David Livingston/Getty Images, Twitter

And the battle continues...

Chris Brown took a break from Twitter to express his feelings toward fellow rapper Drake in his latest track "Game Don't Like," in which he alludes to the infamous W.i.P club bottle brawl.

Check out the song after the jump (disclaimer: the track has a ton of profanity in it).

On the new freestyle track, which was released on (warning: foul language), Brown indiscreetly raps about bottles being thrown and even riffs a bit on Drake's new album title, Take Care.

The rapper sings: "One on one, what you scared bruh? Huh, matter of fact, 'Take Care' bruh."

That's about all we can quote without crossing out half the letters, so will let you fill in the blanks.

Although Chris took to Twitter earlier in the month post brawl, and then quickly deleted his tweets, the rapper has otherwise remained relatively hush-hush on the incident. 

Could this be Brown's response to Drake's vocal ramblings during his New York concert only days after the brawl?

Sadly, since there won't be a million-dollar fight in the ring to watch, we're going to have to settle for what appears to be the beginning of a rap-off!

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