Drake, Chris Brown

Michael Kovac, David Livingston/Getty Images

If Celebrity Deathmatch was still on, this would all be solved through claymation, but noooo.

People just can't seem to get over the infamous Chris Brown and Drake brawl at W.i.P nightclub in New York a couple of weeks ago. So much so, that now boxing promoters have offered up some serious monetary incentive to get these two in the ring.

Promoters have upped the pool to $10 million for the potential throwdown, with $9 million going to the winner, making it the biggest celebrity boxing match in history.
Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing Federation, and Alki David, a wealthy entrepreneur, originally offered $1 million for the fight, but the two realized that wouldn't be enough.
"The audience needs their imagination captured as much as the fighters do. These are two very important rap artists who will only do this for a big ticket number," David said.  "This is something that should be attractive enough to get them in the ring."

The pair presented two oversize checks during their announcement today in Beverly Hills, made out in both rappers' names for $1 million. The plan is for the rappers to fight it out over three one-minute rounds in Las Vegas ($9 million for three minutes, you guys).  If there is no clear winner, an online audience will decide who wins.
"Instead of doing it in a bar fight, they can get paid," Feldman said.
So far, David says he's been in talks with Brown's camp and that one of his spokespersons is "up for it."  They'd also like to get Rihanna involved, preferably as a ring card girl.
"One thing we know, if she doesn't be the ring girl, she will be watching," Feldman said.

But before you get excited, this may never happen.

"We collectively have never heard from these people nor is there anyone named ‘CJ.'  This is a tacky PR campaign by these people using Chris and Drake," Brown's rep told E! News.

This could just end up being pop culture's own Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather matchup.

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