Is your body tingling with excitement? Have you bought all your munchies? The very last season premiere of Weeds is almost here!

When we last saw our favorite drug-dealing family, they were enjoying an oddly peaceful brunch in Connecticut complete with good food, smiles...and the sound of a gunshot. 

We got an early sneak peek at the first episode of the season, and believe us when we say that Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) & Co. have got a lot more high-stake shenanigans ahead of them. We've got the top five things you absolutely need to know about Sunday's season premiere…

1. Who Got Smoked?: Not only do we find out immediately who got shot at the dinner table, fans get an up-close shot of the victim, and we gotta tell you, it ain't pretty. If you're not interested in killing your buzz, then we suggest you close your eyes three minutes and 13 seconds in to avoid seeing a very bloody fan favorite character. Apparently getting shot in the head makes quite a mess. Although we're sworn to secrecy not to reveal the identity of the victim, we can tell you that it's not Doug (Kevin Nealon) or Shane (Alexander Gould) Phew! 

2. Ticky-Tacky: Weeds fans rejoice! "Little Boxes," the song that playfully accompanied the opening credits for the first three seasons, is back and better than ever! Why better than ever, you may be wondering? The new 50-second opening takes fans down memory lane, literally. From Agrestic to Ren Mar to a tunnel to Mexico to a God-loving RV, the journey goes on and on to our newest setting: Old Sandwich, Conn. It really makes you realize that the Botwin family has come a long way since selling dime bags at soccer games. 

3. Secret Agent Botwin: Ever since Shane hit Pilar (Kate del Castillo) in the head like a whack-a-mole back in season five, we've always known him to be a bit of a loose cannon. So you can imagine our delight in knowing that this whole police academy thing is not just a phase; Shane really enjoys it. In fact he confessed to Silas (Hunter Parrish), "I'm hoping they'll let me use a croquet mallet instead of a billy club." And it looks like his new academy skills are already coming in very handy. At the end of the episode you see that Shane knows exactly who the shooter is.

4. Inappropriate Passions: No matter how bad the situation may be, the powers that be at Weeds always seem to find a way to include a sex scene. In this episode we watch Andy (Justin Kirk) and Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh) rekindle their freaky flame on a hospital bed. Oh, but did we mention that there happens to be someone in that bed? Fans can expect to see this crazy twosome together for a while. Well, at least until the second episode.

5. Blasts From the Past: To celebrate the kickoff of Weeds' final season, creator Jenji Kohan has included many obvious and some not-so-obvious nods to the past seven seasons. One of the sweetest we saw was a photograph of Nancy's late husband (the first one), Judah Botwin, played by the gorgeous Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The shooter is also a character we've met before back in the Agrestic days of season one. Although he/she has a pretty legit motive to attack our beloved character, fans will be excited to know that eventually we'll get another Shane/this person smackdown. 

Weeds returns Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

Are you excited about the final season of Weeds? Who do you think got shot? Who is the shooter? Speculate away in the comments below!

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