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We get it, Miley Cyrus. You're a woman and you're having sex and you hung up your Mickey Mouse ears on the post of your Hello Kitty twin canopy bed, like, years and years ago.

Not that you even still sleep on a Hello Kitty twin canopy bed, because you're, like, 19 now and totally a lady and engaged. You now sleep on a Hello Kitty queen canopy, so there.

And just in case there are still a few peeps who think you're a virgin, nothing says, "Mom can't ground me no more" like wearing a bra to an evening gala with your fiancé, amiright?

Behold the future first wife of Liam Hemsworth, who is already dressing like the second wife of Liam Hemsworth, or possibly the third, because, hoo-boy, that is one skintight bra...dress...thing.

We hear the frock is by a house called Zimmerman, which is neither here nor there, but the provider of that way classy body chain remains a mystery at the hour.

The only other prominent accessory? That 3.5-carat diamond engagement ring, you guys! Because Miley is a grownup now! And if you don't believe her, she'll be forced to upload an Instagram of her hymen.

Let's not push the girl any further.

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