Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Jackson Lee / Splash News

You're anxiously waiting outside The Tonight Show With Jay Leno studio, hoping to catch a peek of Justin Bieber, and luckily, you get so much more.

Numerous fans were posted with their cell phones ready to point-and-shoot when a black van pulls up with the door slid open (dangerous, but not the point) and there he was—the Biebs.

With his perfectly coiffed hair and swagtastic attire, Bieber started some small talk with the overly ecstatic fans about where they were from, and then shared that he was going to sing his single "Boyfriend" with them.

Let's be real here—he didn't have to sing at all. Everyone knew all the words, but it was cute to see him still try to get those high notes and be on pitch even though you couldn't hear a word he said.

Watch the WowCelebrity.TV clip to see fans' smiles beaming from the reflection of their cell phones and to join in on the sing-along.

(Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.)

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