Bill O'Reilly

Jemel Countess/Getty Images

It's a hoax, people, you should be used to those by now.

An imposter posing as Variety's editorial director Peter Bart took to his website and posted a message leading people to believe that Bart was coming out of the closet and engaged to talk-show host Bill O'Reilly.

Can you say random?!

"For many years I have been living a lie and masquerading as a happily married man but finally it is time for me to be honest," the blog post read. 

"I am Gay and I think I always have been I am dating Bill O'Reilly from Fox  and we are very much in love Bill is ever so sweet in real life all the redneck stuff he spouts on Fox is just showbiz,In real life She is so sweet."

When contacted by The Hollywood Reporterwho, along with many other outlets, received a faux wedding invite via email—Bart (who is currently married to Phyllis Fredette) laughed the whole thing off and said he has no idea who could be behind this.

"I wish I did," he told THR. "I have absolutely none. I found out when I got an email from a couple of friends...If you find out, let me know!"

"It's not true. I know Bill O'Reilly a little bit. I had lunch with him five years ago," Bart continued. "I just got three or four emails from friends saying, ‘This is hilarious.' "

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