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Things are heating up in Bon Temps!

True Blood fans, start preparing yourselves now: Two people who have never kissed before on the HBO hit series will be sharing their first smooch come this Sunday! So who's locking lips? 

We've also got scoop on a couple of new characters Vampire Diaries fans will be meeting when the CW show returns for its fourth season. Could one of the newbies be the new big bad? And what can you expect from The Lying Game when it returns to ABC Family? Plus, we have some info on Breaking Bad, Shameless and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat...

lorrainecollins: So not feeling this out-of-nowhere Eric-Bill bromance, any Eric-Sookie action coming up on True Blood?
OK, how do we put this nicely? Ummm…No. There's not going to be any Eric and Sookie lovin' in this week's episode, because little miss mind-reader is getting hot and heavy with someone else! Yup, you read that right, but this hookup may or may not be alcohol induced. Of course, we can't tell you who it is, so please stop sending chocolates to the E! Online offices, we're on a sugar overload right now. And speaking of sweet things, get ready for the most adorable scene between Bill and his teen vamp, Jessica. In fact all of the makers have some truly touching scenes with their protégés this week. Awww.

TotallyLegitPerson: I just want some season-three scoop for Shameless!
Alright, we know that the Shameless premiere is like forever and a half away, but we love this show and got way too excited when we learned some casting deets. It's time for a new love triangle y'all! Ralph is in the ROTC with Ian, he's cute, strong and very masculine. So naturally he and Ian just have to fool around underneath the bleachers right?! Hmmm, wonder how Mickey will feel about this. Oh did we mention that he's out of juvie? We can't wait to find out!

Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

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Jenna in Miami: I'm dying without my Vampire Diaries fix! Anything at all on season four?
Looks like we'll be meeting beauty and the badass next season! April, 16, is a sweet and pretty private school girl, but her father's passing has led her back to Mystic Falls. Even though she seems naïve, beware: She's smarter than she looks. Connor on the other hand is 100 percent in-your-face at all times. This thirtysomething is described as a "scary hot" Navy SEAL type. We're not quite sure if he'll be a vampire, but we do know that he's going to be a "highly trained killing machine." Yikes!

CountryBlondeB: When is The Lying Game coming back?! #anxious
Instead of prescribing a large dose of medication for that anxiety, we're just gonna give you some casting scoop instead! Although season two doesn't premiere until winter, production is already beginning for these little liars. (Déjà vu, anyone?) In the first episode back, "The Revengers," we're going to meet a new Beverly Hills babe, Jordan Lyle, who's handsome, athletic and confident but not cocky. Sounds too good to be true? Well then maybe we should mention that when this bad boy is not riding around on his motorcycle, he's keeping busy with a secret agenda.

Tara: Breaking Bad scoop! Please and thank you.
We love when our Spoiler Chat readers are polite. And for that, we want to make sure we take care of you by reminding you that the full trailer for Breaking Bad's new season is out and ready for your viewing pleasure. And we'll also tell you we've seen the first episode, and all we can reveal right now is this: Promise us you'll save all bathroom breaks for the commercials. Don't miss a second!

Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Wilfred

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Jason: Wilfred is my summer comedy favorite, so what can I expect this season?
Awesome question, so we're going to go to the awesome Elijah Wood, star of Wilfred, for the answer. "[Ryan] has certainly moved on a little bit in his life," he tells us. "He's in the work force now, so he's out of his home a little but more. He spends a lot less time in the basement getting stoned, and a little more time connecting with other people." Wow, Ryan is all grown up! But don't worry, Chris Klein promises that they'll be plenty of antics that made fans fall in love with Wilfred. "The fans that want more of the first season…they're definitely going to get it!" he says. Including more Drew, because Klein confirms that he will be back for season two.

Nate in Yorba Linda, Calif: I'd like some Weeds please!
Ask and you shall receive! Get ready to see a lot more of Jill this season, Nancy's neurotic yet hilarious little sister. Remember back in season five when she and Andy had a brief but intense…erm…fling? Well, now that the Botwin-Price-Grey group has moved into their mansion-esque compound in Old Sandwich, Conn. (not a real place, bee-tee-dubs) the shooting causes these two to revisit their feelings for one another. In a very inappropriate place we might add.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Leanne Aguilera

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