Now here's a whole different side to Tay!

Sure, Taylor Swift's impeccably polished, buffed-to-a-perfect-patina image has kept her sweetheart persona going strong.

But the hitmaking Grammy winner isn't afraid to scuff things up: She's teamed up with B.o.B. on the new single "Both of Us", and the song's video shows a grittier side to the country songbird...

In it, the duo take a tour of Nashville's roughed-up fringes, showcasing frayed neighborhoods, desolate railroad depots, dusty train tracks and graffiti-splashed walls.

Nope, this ain't no shiny-happy honky-tonkin' tribute to Nashville, and Swift sets the raw tone right from the get-go when the video opens and we see her—gulp!—hanging out at a pool hall.

But the video is far from defeatist. On the contrary, it gives props to Main Street U.S.A., bolstering the Everyman's scrappy spirit as B.o.B. calls out "the underdogs" and Swift coos, "One day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us."

You go sing it, girl!

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