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Dear Ted:
Was watching Teen Wolf last night and was wondering if there is any Vicey behavior going on behind the scenes?

Dear Wolfing Around:
Unlike the Twilight cast, the Teen Wolf pack is totally Vice-free. But they are a pack of rising stars, so I wouldn't bet on the wholesome behavior lasting long.

Dear Ted:
I don't know, Ted, I just highly doubt that Fifty Shades of Grey is going to get some high-profile names. I'm thinking it'll be more unknowns than knowns and for only one reason. Nudity of this level still is not the norm in Hollywood. So what do you think? I'm figuring Christian could be a big-name actor, but Ana will probably be a newbie. XOXO

Dear Nude Newbs:
What do you mean Fifty Shades' nudity's not the norm?! Michael Fassbender brought the full-frontal trend back! OK, mostly kidding (most men can't play golf with their member,) and you're correct in saying X-rated nudity's not the norm. I agree—I could totally see a newbie in the raunchy role (after all, it worked for Twilight!). But Ian Somerhalder's making a pretty solid campaign, so we'll have to wait and see.

Dear Ted:
I am loving this new season of True Blood! I know several castmembers have Blind Vices, but I was wondering more specifically if Anna Paquin and Deborah Ann Woll have Vices, and if they do, any hints on what they might be?

Dear Vampy Vice?:
You're in luck, doll, Anna and Deborah are two of the True Blood hotties who are BV-free. Besides, Anna's married, pregnant and has already her bisexuality totally out on the table. Nothing to hide here.

Dear Ted:
So I just found out who Parrish Maguire is, and I must say I am heartbroken. Too bad Par-Par doesn't get with ladies, unless it's for bearding purposes. It may make me feel slightly better if you can tell me if Parrish is at least, uh, well-endowed? And is he still frequenting those naughty secret parties he was into a couple of years ago?

Dear Pity Party for Par-Par:
Sorry to burst your heterosexual bubble, babe! But Parrish is still just as fab. He's not really into the secret party scene anymore since he's found another source of entertainment. And as for dude's well-endowment? Sorry to say, but I don't have any firsthand knowledge. Lemme make a few calls and get back to you.

Dear Ted:  
We missed you! No one does snarkiness quite like you. What's up with Rihanna and Drake? I can't see Drake sending over a bottle to Chris Brown with an insulting message about Ri-Ri...that seems like Chris Brown's publicist's spin. At the same time, Drake has to be a little annoyed that his friend that he admits he had a fling with went back to her physically abusive ex. Also, what do you think Jay-Z's feelings are about this? Jay Z very publicly sat down in his seat while the rest of the people around him were on their feet dancing at one performance Chris Brown gave at an awards show. Kisses from my rescue doggie and kitty...Much love.

Dear Bad Boy Beef:
Look, E, on account that no one's going to spill what actually went down, it's a tough call who started the feud, but it is certainly the feud that just won't stop. Either way, the whole thing is ridiculous and I'm sure Jay doesn't approve. He's protective of Rihanna and he has a wife and babe—he's far beyond the immature bad-boy beef.

Dear Ted:  
Dwac and Mr. T cat here hoping all is well with you and yours. Mr. T would love to know, he hasn't seen anything but good on our favorite Jackie Bouffant. Our question: Is this because of the boyfriend, or are they even still together? Hugs.
Dwac and Mr. T

Dear Going Strong:
They're very much together and actually doing quite well. Jackie's career is in a good place, too, so that probably accounts for some of those gorgeous smiles we've been seeing. Thanks for the love, doll, and kisses to your furry friends!

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