Which Edgy Pop Star Got "Suck It!" Tattooed on the Inside of Her Lip?

Gold-toothed singer proudly shows off her new ink on Twitter

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 27, 2012 6:27 PMTags
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Some pop stars pretty up their pouts with red lipstick. Others show us how badass they can be by getting tattoos inside their lips!

On Wednesday, one of Hollywood's edgier ladies debuted her sick new ink on Twitter. In the picture, this gold-toothed girl pulls down her lower lip to show "SUCK IT!" tattooed on the fleshy part of the skin.

She'll probably wash that mouth out later with a bottle of Jack…So who is she?


Ke$ha, of course!

The 25-year-old is known for taking risks when it comes to her fashion choices. In March, she studded her head (literally) as part of her robotic new look.

She's also rocked crazy curls, feather extensions, a semi-shaved head—you name it.

Hey, U R Who U R! Show it off.