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Welcome to Prague, lovers.

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard had a very important night tonight, because the remaining four guys were the special quartet of men to have the chance of bringing their potential fiancée back to their hometowns.

And the dates were a little different during this episode—there were three one-on-ones and no roses except for one at the group date.

So let's get to it!

The first date went to Arie (surprise, surprise) and the plan was to basically stroll the streets of Prague like a regular couple, which seemed to be Emily's approach to most of her dates.

It's no secret Emily and Arie have developed a lot of chemistry, but there's something we didn't know about that could mess things up.

According to host Chris Harrison, Arie had a brief relationship with one of the show producers several years ago. Maynard wasn't too pleased about that and was hoping that her race-car driver suitor would come clean about it to her.

Did he?

Not at that moment, but we were notified that they, along with the producer, Cassie Lambert, had a discussion off-camera and ultimately, Maynard brushed the whole thing off. And then, it was back to normal.

"Can I tell you something? I've been thinking a lot about all of this and you. I think Croatia did it for me. I think I realized I love you," says Arie. Oh, snap!

The next one-on-one was with John, who has kept his guard up throughout the show thus far. While sightseeing, the duo stopped at a spot where couples write messages on locks, but they couldn't get theirs to lock—Emily paralleled that to their relationship which "can't seem to connect."

Sean decides to run around the streets yelling "Emily!" at the end of the night, which we thought was kinda weird at first until—there she was! That definitely couldn't have been planned. The two enjoy a little secret rendezvous that seemed to make an impression on Emily.

The next day, Sean, along with Doug and Chris spend a group date with Emily at an old castle. And before we know it, someone gets the boot!

"I have way too much respect for you to keep you from your son another day," Emily told Doug, who finally planted a pecker on those lips, but it was apparently too late.

As for the date rose, that went to Sean (guess his little shenanigan worked).

The last one-on-one went to Jef, who accompanied his (and many others') lady to a marionette shop, and although Jef's been kinda quiet throughout the season, we learn that he's one smart cookie, because he goes back and buys a princess marionette for Emily's daughter, Ricki.

"I wanna date you so hard and marry the f--k out of you," he tells her. Yeah, we were shocked (and pleased), too.

There was no final get together before the rose ceremony tonight because Emily had her mind made up. When it came down to Chris and John for the final rose, Chris started freaking out and pulled Emily aside to talk to her and reassure her that he can be the man she needs, but it wasn't really that necessary, because it was John that went home (we're sure Emily appreciated Chris' intentions, though).

So the final four are Arie, Sean, Chris and Jef—who do you think is going home next?!

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